USB-C (Type-C) Guitar Interface Cable for Macbook, iPad Pro, Android

  • Effintone is the simplest way to quickly capture a guitar or bass riff, lay down some backing tracks for practice or just play with some software amp settings

  • Allows for real time, responsive guitar play with DAW software

  • Allows you to plug in and record your instrument directly from our computer, tablet or phone

  • USB audio class compatible, bus-powered audio interface, no drivers, boxes or adapters required

Simple and durable

The fully molded product includes strain relief on both ends of the cable.

Native USB-C

No adapters, software or extra boxes required. 

Ready for Retail

Effintone is packaged for retail sales. Products come with a poly bag, manufacturer scannable UPC (GS1) and a bag tag with hanger. 

Effintone is the simplest way to quickly capture a riff, lay down some backing tracks for practice or just play with some software amp settings. It is an entry level product for high-quality capture of guitar instrument signals.

The device captures signals with 16-bit depth at 44.1kHz or 48kHz. Furthermore, it also has a programmable gain amplifier which can be adjusted with standard USB signaling (this means, you can probably rely on your recording software to adjust the amplifier gain automatically, or provide you with an input capture level setting).

The Effintone device is bus-powered, which means it doesn't require an external box of any kind. The entire device is in the form of a single, 5-foot cable which is powered by the device you connect it to.

Real-time monitoring with very low latency: Experimenting with amp models and effects in your software is extremely fun and made even easier with Effintone. In our tests, there has been no perceivable latency between strumming and hearing.

As there is no audio output in the Effintone cable, when recording with some devices, such as iPad, real-time feedback monitoring is not supported. Many devices and software packages, such as laptops, allow splitting the audio output to built-in speakers, headphones or another audio interface. No drivers or special software. Because

Effintone is a standard USB 2.0 compliant device, (audio device class, for the technically inclined), there is nothing to install, it just works. Effintone comes up as a USB audio input device, select it and start recording.

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